Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Valentine

This kit had 3 different pinks from dark to light, it also has a touch of which. Perfect for you Valentine's tagging needs! ♥ You can purchare this kit at Katelynn's Designs Here. Image and video hosting by TinyPic This Kit Contains: 29 Papers (700 x 700) 62 Elements 4 Balloons 4 Bows 4 Brads 4 Butterflies 3 Candies 1 Diamond 4 Doodles 1 Dragonfly 4 Flowers 3 Frames 1 Glitter 2 Glitter Heart Charms 1 Heart Border 2 Hears 1 Jewl 3 Lollipops 4 Love Charms 1 Mat 2 Ribbons 4 RicRacs 1 Sequins 1 Sparkles 3 Splats 1 String 1 Wings 1 Wordart


  1. Hi hunnyyy!!! I got it fixed and i know am a proud owner of some of your kits, i have a question for you btw, the Sunny Dayz kit i love the color and i bought it to use for my blog layout, but i have a problem, on my norwegian blog i cant use backgreounds on same way as blogspot any chance you can make one out of one of your papers for me later i need it so it looks good ive tried but mine turn out like squares all over the screen. pls pls pls help me, love that kit<3''hugs curiouz

  2. Hiya hunni♥ Not sure wotcha really want so if ya like ya can e mail me at or if ya have messenger ya can add me at that way I can get a better understanding of watcha want ♥