Friday, January 28, 2011

Please Read!!!

Ok here's the deal..
I have removed my Hello Kitty Punk
kits from stores. They are totally usable!
I'm just so sick of dumbass bitches trying to start
shit. Did any one ever come to me and bother to ask?
Fuck no they didn't. I DID NOT use anything
in my kits from the hello kitty site!! Just to make that
perfectly clear!! I'm just sick of all the shit starters and the
bitching I've seriously had it! I'm having a hard enuff time
trying to deal with real life now I have to deal with the bullshit
on here too? BLAH! So You can sill use those kits if you have
bought them already.. If you haven't oh well too bad.
I know I should like a total bitch but right now I really don't
care! If you have a prob;em come to me first instead of bein
a lil shit starter like some people are, or maybe if you
aren't sure just ask! I'll be happy to answer.. but NO
not a single person bother to come to me personally
and ask. So SHAME ON YOU!!!


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  2. Hey hun sorry about all this bullshit-I totally understand where you're coming from & I'll be the 1st to admit I was wrong & I should've come to ya personally instead of posting a "General" question in Misfits-I hope ya ain't too pissed at me?? ~ Again I am TRULY sorry!!-Will ya shoot me a message to let me know if everything is ok or not? Thankiez **Ooops I forgot to leave my email addy just in case LOL