Monday, September 19, 2011


Firstly I'd like to thank all my fans and my
good friends for all your support!! ♥♥
Well apparently I'm being singled out
for tubin shit.. well I'm not the only effin one
doin this!!! There are several designers out
there that do that and sell what they tubed.
But do they get shit for it.. hell NO!!! Thats just not right.
They can but i can't.. see somethin wrong with that?
Um YEAH!!!! So here's what I'm doing.. I'm going through
my kits and taking EVERYTHING out that I tubed my self!
If I have to do this then The rest should have to do the
same all is fair!!!! I'm only effin human!!! I'm so SICK & TIRED
of all this shit. But you're gonna have to KILL me first before
I stop doing what i love! So I will be replacing elements in
my kits and updating them. I will make a list of the updated
ones so If you would like to replace it thats fine. All you'll
have to do is mail me your recipts ♥ As you all the trouble
makin bitches.. PISS OFF and get a effin LIFE already and get
your damn head outta my ass for once!!! :) Nuff said!!


  1. I tube some of my things too...Put me on the freaking
    Some bitches just love the drama and I'm sure I know who they are. They are usually the ones who start it all from the beginning.
    You have my support as always. ♥♥♥

  2. Kristin,Don't take anything out of your kits. That is what they want don't let them win. Ignore the ignorant shit starting,drama bitches. Know what they say about Karma what comes around goes around and it always comes around 10 fold whether it is good or bad. It will fuck them haterz twice as hard! Keep your head up girlie. XXX =)

  3. Oh no Kristin! I'm so sorry that people have to be so petty! Don't stop what you love to do - we love your kits :)

  4. thanks girlz ♥♥ I totally agree but if i take them out that can't say a damn thing and thats gonna piss em off ;)

  5. im is it wrong? i wouldnt remove anything