Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hey guys! ♥
Lettin y'sll know that I am BOYCOTTING facebook!
So I wont be on there.. They pushed it way too far this
time and I'm fed up! Firstly they say we can't add people
that we don't personally know which effects the PSP world
and the gaming world as well. Now they take away our FGS.
and as of tosay if we play a game such as Zoo World they delete
the feed from it like Level Ups and such.. so how the hell are
we sapost to play now?!?! There for facebook get a big fat
FUCK YOU!!! Now if you would still like to stay in contact with
me feel free to e mail me or add me to you messenger! ♥ I would really hate to loose contact
with a lotta you ♥ as 90% I became friends with the past couple
years on there are just so awesome and I love y'all bunches!!!! ♥


  1. I know where to find you......hahaha!!
    Facebook has become a pain in the ass.

  2. yup they sure have and they are the straw that broke the camels back with this crap :\ I hope they shit down lol wou;dnt hurt my feelings none :D

  3. I will see ya over at the Misfits :D

  4. yup ya sure will :D and ofcourse since i wont be on Fb that means I'll have more taggies to offer in Misfits WOOT!! :P