Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moving Back Home..

Afternoon!/Evenin! ♥
Well we're working on packing stuff up
and getting ready to move back home
to Oklahoma! So y'all don't panic I won't
have anything new for a lil while.. I do have
some tag templates I need to get ready for
y'all. I most likely won't be back till either late first
week to the second week of October.
Now I do have Sales goin in all my stores
to tide ya over and so ya can catch up :P
Rosey will be handling my Fan FB Group
and My CT Group wile I'm gone. So if ya need
anything she will help ya when she can :P
Well i guess thats it for now.. See y'all soon! ♥
MUAH!! and thanks so much for being so AWESOME!!

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