Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Am Back.. Well more or less

Hi Everyone! ♥
Hope y'all are doin a lot better than I am.
Finally home.. it hasn't been fun in any way! :(
The moving company stole a lot of stuff from us..
one very important thing was my hard-drive :(
I have to start all over again.. and this time its NOT
easy.. I am going to have to re-buy a lot of stuff :(
I'm in a very depressive state right now.. another important
thing they stole was a box that had my dog Harley's cremation
ashes in it. The company is putting forth 0% effort to even try
to find who stole our items or to bother to look for them!
Slowly I am trying to get my Commercial Use stuffs back on here
so I can do what I loves best which is making kits
for y'all and making taggies. Feel free to donate
so I can attempt to start up yet again and will have freebies for y'all
as well. Donations are over on the right. ♥ Thanks if you do
I truly appreciate it a whole bunch!! ♥♥
Much Love xox

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